New GUI graphics


Up to now, the Zong! Viewer used icons from the Nuvola set. Because it will be hard to find standard icons that perfectly fit to the needs of a music notation application, we decided to create our own icons. Here is the first result, together with a new color scheme and a first draft of our logo.


3 thoughts on “New GUI graphics

  1. Mark

    The app looks great! I was wondering if you will be building a mixer into it? For instance, in your Beethoven lied sample, if you wanted to play back only the piano part, or only the vocal line.

    thanks and best of luck,

  2. Andi

    Yes, we plan to include the possibility to playback only selected staves. We even plan to include part-extraction (i.e. you can extract single staves on a new page to print them) in a later version. But the first beta version will only contain tutti playback and printing.
    But it will be open source, so if anybody needs a certain feature immediately, he is free to add it 🙂


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