Zong! Player is finished

Today I finished the Zong! Player, which is the successor of the Xenoage Player, which is not maintained any more. It is able to open MusicXML files and to play and save them as MIDI files. It can also convert whole directories of MusicXML files into MIDI files in a single step.

Compared to the old Xenoage Player, there are some new features available. First of all, it is now based on the Zong! modules (core, musicxml-in and midi-out), which means, that many new features written for the Zong! Viewer and Zong! Editor are automatically integrated into the player and there is a much more stable codebase. Worth mentioning is also the support of soundbanks (like *.sf2 soundfonts) through the new Java Sound engine Gervill. And finally, we have added support for both compressed MusicXML files (*.mxl) and MusicXML opus files (nested in any depth). Of course, there is again an applet version of the player.

We will release it for public beta testing together with the viewer in a few weeks (hopefully before christmas).

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