Monthly Archives: February 2010

Tracker moved to new server

The exams are over – now it’s time to work on Zong! again. Since today, the bugtracker runs on our new homeserver and we also moved the private git repository to there. Thanks again to Phil for hosting them the last months (or even years)!

We are amazed how many people are interested already in this early stage of the project. Thanks to all the contributors that have sent us ideas, code and example files so far. I hope I’ll catch up soon and integrate them. If anyone would like to join the project, don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

Exam break

Due to our exams in the winter semester, we have currently no time left for developing Zong!. We are planning to continue in March. Our next big steps are the complete rewriting of the core (now only using persistent data structures, which makes for example undo/redo dead easy) and the setup of our own home server (running git and redmine for the tracker).