Iteration 52 is out

The new version of Zong! contains an updated layout engine. It was not extended yet, but we cleaned up the code and gave it a more functional style. There is also a big map showing all classes involved in the layouting process:

In the next two iterations we will improve both the layout engine (features like cue and grace notes, multi-staff beams) and the MIDI output (tempo, transposition, repetitions, voltas, dynamics).

8 thoughts on “Iteration 52 is out

  1. roger the free ward choir music guy

    Hello. I wasn’t sure where to leave comments on the project, as this page didn’t seem to say “where” to contact the developers:

    Anyway I noticed a few things about the web page:
    1) This page: lists and applet, while this page:
    does not.

    Also the downloads are for i48, which I suppose is outdated?

    Also this page:
    mentions that it can be used to display music xml, but is this just forward thinking or newer revisions can or will be able to?

    Thanks much!
    I think zong is like the only open source java music xml player out there.



  2. Andi

    On the “About” site you can find our mail address. However, posting comments is also very welcome πŸ˜‰

    We moved to a new server and website. still pointed to the old server. I’m fixing that right now. You are right, the Zong! Player is still missing on the new website, we will add it within the next days.

    Version 0.48 is outdated, but the latest release “that works from scratch”. You can get the newest versions from the git repository.

    Displaying all MusicXML is not wishful thinking, but already implemented (the basics at least). If you have MusicXML files that can’t be opened, please send them to us and we will fix the Viewer for you files πŸ™‚

  3. roger ward choir

    Excellent. I almost wish it were hosted at github, as well, to make forking and submitting back trivial (also github has https cloning available, which is necessary for using it where I work). I was able to get to it eventually, though, thanks!

    The ant script seems to work as expected, so no problems there. I am not sure from the readme.txt file how to start the thing except from eclipse. Is this possible (under windows) currently?

    Is there a demo viewer applet out there somewhere…?

    My overall main goal is to have a workable player that follows the sheet music so you can watch it as it plays, and this looks quite hopeful.


  4. Andi

    Maybe we will move to github in the future. Currently, we use our own git server for intern development and only push the iterations to the public git server. We should change this in the future.

    Building Zong! Viewer for windows:
    1) Clone public Zong! repository:
    git clone git://
    2) Checkout Alpha version 0.48
    git checkout 83d4b103cbfb6d0b1ef6dfafce9837a6f55e128e
    3) In the Zong! folder, build distribution
    ant dist
    4) In subfolder “dist/os/windows-i586/viewer” you find the program for Windows, including an exe file for launching the program

  5. roger ward choir

    sweet thanks for the demo applet. It looks awesome!

    Is it possible to do development on it in eclipse within windows? Is it possible to generate a working applet from HEAD and it run within windows? ((I assume yes to the latter–just when I run ant it doesn’t seem to create any .html or .jnlp’s that load here…)

    As a note, the applet appear to reference xml’s like which may not exist yet [?]

    Unfortunately with 83d4b1 ant aborts early with:

    [signjar] Signing JAR: C:devrubyzongdistshareplayerlibplayer.jar to C:devrubyzongdistshareplayerlibplayer.jar as Xenoage
    [signjar] jarsigner error: java.lang.RuntimeException: keystore load: C:Userspackrd.keystore (The system cannot find the file specified)
    [signjar] Enter Passphrase for keystore:

    C:devrubyzongbuild.xml:99: jarsigner returned: 1

    Thanks much! I’ll probably end up using zong (applet form) on my music site πŸ™‚


  6. Andi

    We are very happy that you want to use the Zong! Viewer on your website πŸ™‚ But currently, the Viewer is a early alpha stage. Can you wait another two or three months?

    Today I tried to build a working applet for you, but failed. This is because of the active development, and we have to clean up and integrate all the changes during the next months.

    To build Zong, you need a certificate named “Xenoage”. See the readme file in the main folder.


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