Monthly Archives: December 2010

Zong! Intonation Training

As the conductor of a bavarian brass band I often have to intonate the different instruments in the orchestra. Because I found no website where you can practice your intonation hearing, I decided to write my own one and share it for free.

Here is a demo video:


The program can be launched by clicking on the following button:

Have fun!

Swing component: Combobox for font selection

There are many great Swing components around, but we could not find a nice combobox for font selection, that includes not only the font names but also some preview characters and maybe a history of the recently selected fonts. You know such a combobox from and other word processors.

Well, here it is now. Our FontChooserComboBox offers font preview, customizable preview strings, optionally a list of the recent fonts and even auto completion for the font name. And best of all, the code is public domain, so you can use it for whatever you want. However, if you improve it, please share your work with us!

Here is a demo video:


A webstart demo:

Here are the files:

Comments are welcome 🙂