Zong! Intonation Training

As the conductor of a bavarian brass band I often have to intonate the different instruments in the orchestra. Because I found no website where you can practice your intonation hearing, I decided to write my own one and share it for free.

Here is a demo video:


The program can be launched by clicking on the following button:

Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Zong! Intonation Training

  1. Joe

    Wow, this is great to work on intonation training! I wish it could be expanded to include other single pitches, and also chords. There is a great for this for conductors (an always growing market), and no computer programs that I can find that train this. Thanks! I would be happy to pay for shareware and also spread the word to conducting colleages!


  2. Andi

    Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we can include other pitches and chords. If you have further ideas, please just let me know. Currently we have no time plan when we will extend the Intonation Training app, since it was just an experiment, but I love to hear that other people like it too.

    Are you a developer, too?

  3. John Magic

    This was fun! An obvious extension would be requiring higher accuracy. Another one would be to allow other tunings, for instance just intonation.


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