Roadmap for v0.5 development

Today I created the roadmap for Zong! version 0.5.

It will be released on 2011-09-30 and will include the following features:

  • The Zong! Editor to create, modify and playback musical scores
  • Edit all important musical notations like notes, articulations and ornaments, clefs, time signatures, key signatures, barlines, lyrics, directions and tuplets
  • Support for selections, copy & paste, undo & redo (the last one is trivial to implement thanks to the new functional core :-))
  • Create and modify instrumentations
  • Input using the mouse, keyboard or MIDI instruments (stepwise input)

During the v0.5 development process we will publish alpha versions from time to time. One of the next things is an Online Converter for MusicXML to MIDI, PDF and image formats.

3 thoughts on “Roadmap for v0.5 development

  1. Andi

    I’m not sure if musescore offers a command line utility to convert from MusicXML to PDF.
    But lilypond can do that, maybe we’ll integrate that.

    But our main goal is of course to improve our own MusicXML import and rendering.


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