Zong! 0.4 released

Yesterday, we pushed version 0.4 (aka p0.4.54) of Zong! onto our servers. From the view of a user there are not many new features compared to the alpha version released on christmas 2010, but the overall architecture has changed dramatically, as described in the blog posts during this year.

The next days we will create a detailled plan for version 0.5. We want to release a usable beta version of the Zong! Editor in October 2011. Of course, one of our main goals is also to improve MusicXML loading and musical layouting during the next months, to make Zong! a competitive viewer for MusicXML documents.

3 thoughts on “Zong! 0.4 released

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  2. Andi

    No, it isn’t. Please wait for version 0.5.
    We will also create a JavaScript-based version, which is not as powerful as the applet, but allows to view scores in any browser and on any device (like “Google Maps”).


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