Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ribbon and Online Converter

Version p0.5.56 is out! There are mainly two new features included: Ribbon for the Zong! Editor and a new subproject, the Zong! Converter.

The Zong! Converter is free software, based upon the Zong! core, layout and renderer projects. It allows the conversion from MusicXML files into PDF files (much more formats will follow later) and presents no GUI, because it is launched from the command line. This for example allows to provide an online converter on a webpage, so that MusicXML files can be converted without having to install software on the local machine. A first prototype is available on our server (but note, that many files are not supported yet and the layout is often bad. Of course, this will get better in the future).

The Zong! Editor (which is not free software, so don’t look for it in our source code repository) now includes a completely revised user interface, based on the Flamingo ribbon component and a custom L&F, Substance. We are still discussing about the best way to arrange all items, but here is a first screenshot:

I’ll take an exam break for the next three weeks. The next version of Zong! will probably be released on March 5.