Don’t let Sibelius die!

Sibelius is a great piece of software. It really hurts to hear that AVID wants to move its development to Ukraine instead of continuing with its spezialized team in Finsbury Park, UK. AVID has financial problems, but the better alternative would be to sell it back to the original authors. Please help to save Sibelius and sign this petition.

A note about the current state of Zong!: Currently I’m working on my first really big project as a freelance developer. When this is finished (late autumn), I plan to continue the development of Zong!. However, there is good news: We think about moving the whole project to a free software license, including the Android part and the Editor part. Stay tuned 🙂

One thought on “Don’t let Sibelius die!

  1. trudyquiller

    I like and have used Sibellius for many years. There are a few glitches but if you are able to purchase their yearly updates many problems are being solved. I like the ability to write parts for extra instruments that aren’t included in the score.


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