Monthly Archives: October 2015

Gradle-based build

After some months in which I had nearly no time left for Zong!, I’m finally back 🙂 There were lots of things to do during this year, including the plans for our new house (German speakers can follow the corresponding blog) and I joined several new commercial projects. Now, I hope I can bring Zong! forward again, but as it is a pure spare-time project, it’s hard to make plans.

So far Zong! was based on a quite complex build system, including different technologies like Gradle, Ant and even a self-developed solution called SimpleSync. Moreover, building in Eclipse required additional dependecies which were not connected in any way with the command-line build script, because I could not find a reliable dependency management system for Eclipse. This has been changed now.

Zong! is now built as a Gradle project. Using the new Buildship plugin, it can be imported, built, run and tested from Eclipse, as well as other IDEs like the IntellJ IDEA. I’ve updated the wiki pages which explain how to download and build Zong! and how to open it in Eclipse and in IntelliJ IDEA, including screencasts: