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Sprint 72 “Bullroarer” finished

The next version of Zong! is online! Sprint 72 features the first prototype of a pure HTML5/JS score renderer, a complete rewrite of the midi-out module and improved layout for cross-staff beams.

2017-03-03 WebApp Screenshot

The above screenshot shows the first prototype of the Zong! WebApp. It is a pure HTML5/JS implementation and should run in every modern browser, including mobile devices. The great thing is that it is actually using the original Java codebase and is then cross-compiled to JS using the fantastic GWT framework. Currently our webapp supports loading and rendering MusicXML files. Later, we will add more features like playback. We will also provide it as a web component that can easily be integrated into other websites and apps written by other developers. If you are interested in using this component in your project, please contact us so we can take the first steps together.

Another feature is the completely rewritten MIDI export module. It now supports all kinds of repetitions, voltas and jumps (like da capo, dal segno or coda), even in complicated scenarios. But there is still much work to do, like better support for dynamics, instruments and articulations.

We also fixed the layout of cross-staff beams. This turned out to be even more complicated than expected, especially if different staff sizes are supported (as we do!). There is also some room for discussion: Should the short beam flags at the 32nd stems always be placed on the chord side, or should all flags be placed on the same side within a beam? Other than Sibelius and MuseScore we decided to use the second solution because of better readability. Compare the two possibilities below and have a look at the last note. What do you think?

Cross-staff beams in MuseScore:

2017-03-03 Cross-staff beams MuseScore

Cross-staff beams in Zong!:

2017-03-03 Cross-staff beams Zong