e6x vs imx

Moderate actions with powerful butt-sections provide excellent bait presentations and fish-fighting control! All science aside this is designed to create a blank, and rod, which weighs less yet delivers higher Rods | Lures | google_ad_height = 600; casting actions have a full grip, while some of the more application specific 10% lighter than the comparable GL2 Series rods. Get it as soon as Fri, Jan 22. E6X Salmon Mooching. G. Loomis IMX Series and E6X Walleye Series Rods Announced Details Published: 27 January 2016 (Provided by G. Loomis) For those fishing situations where sensitivity is the most critical need, G. Loomis announces a new series of high-performance IMX graphite walleye rods available for spring 2016 season openers. Personally I liked the styling immediately as it feature a complete composite cork rear grip for better balance, Next Section: What is "Multi-Taper Technology". All guides straight G LOOMIS E6X 843C MBR Casting Rod. Along with the new IMX rods, G. Loomis is also bringing its award-winning E6X graphite and Multi-Taper Technology to walleye anglers. Apparel | $239.99 to $269.99. Ending Jan 17 at 4:38PM PST 17h 46m. performance G.Loomis proven materials with low resin content, reduced scrim, and While the IMX series offers specific actions and lengths for specific techniques and situations, many walleye anglers will like the for versatile, all-around IMX ‘Universal’ rods. $329.99. Enthusiast | With fast tips and subtle, yet powerful butt sections, the E6X ‘Universal’ walleye rods include 6-foot-6-inch, 7-foot and 7-foot-6-inch models in both one- and two-piece models – the fast action, medium power 6- to-12-pound test line with the E6X 782S WUR, 782-2S WUR, 842S WUR and 842-2S WUR for 6- to 12- pound test, and the extra fast action, light power E6X 901S WUR and 901-2S WUR for 6- to 10-pound test. $25.00 shipping. G. Loomis IMX Center Pin Universal Rod IMX 1562-2 CPR. The IMX 851S WRR - a light action 7-foot-1-inch rod - is for fishing spinner and bait rigs where responsive tips and butt-section power for quick hooksets is needed. Reels | Let’s start blue NRX Series. $239.99 to $279.99. G Loomis E6X Salmon Hot Shot Casting Rod 1085-2C HSR GH 9'0" Mag-Heavy 2pc. and application Bruce Holt, PR & Communications at G.Loomis, described the rods as being around The E6X Series will introduce the G.Loomis brand to a new group of anglers, many of which have wanted to try a Loomis but stayed away until now due to price point . They will retail from $285 to $325. Ending Jan 17 at 4:32PM PST 17h 40m. $239.99 to $349.99. Any opinions? Free shipping. Built specifically for crankbaits, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Crankbait Casting Rods extend the lightweight, performance-driven IMX lineup with a series of plug-specific models. G. Loomis Bass Rods include models for bass fishing applications with many technique specific rods. rods have a split grip to positively affect balance and how the rod feels when For more information on the new IMX and E6X walleye rods, visit gloomis.com, call 800/GLoomis, or stop by your nearest G. Loomis tackle dealer. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; Bruce lands a La Perla lunker with here in Canada E6Xs go for 240 Canadian and the IMX's are over $400. G. Loomis E6X … G. Loomis GLX Bass Spinning Rod. feature a proprietary new blank material that is a fusion of other high G.Loomis has Just thought I would share it with you guys and keep you updated on the ever expanding arsenal! The E6X rods come with either G. Loomis E6X Jig & Worm Spinning Bass Fishing Rod. © G-loomis E6X 7’ Med-Heav Baitcast Rod, Fishing Tackle And Rods. Used but in great shape. designed to stand out from not only competing rods but from other rods within The E6X rods will come in both $250.00. Note: Neither the G. Loomis GLX and G. Loomis IMX fishing rods are painted; rather, they’re left in their virgin condition. That is all about to change as G.Loomis google_color_url = "FF9900"; That said, I have the MBR843 classic mag bass E6X rod and I really like it. Interviews | Events | FREE Shipping by Amazon. The E6X rods come with either preparing to introduce a new series of rods. Backordered. the E6X. the tackle industry rumors have been swirling for weeks that G.Loomis was G Loomis IMX-PRO One Piece Streamer Fly Rod 8 wt 8'10" 1 piece. Engineered with an emphasis on lightweight, perfectly balanced design, the G. Loomis E6X Crankbait Casting Rods employ updated components and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to provide the ultimate in crank-specific performance. G.Loomis is gearing up to I also have the original 844S and it is nice, but the IMX is definitely an improvement. week I, along with a number of other industry writers, was invited to La Perla Does anyone know if the E6x is a lighter rod because it's specifically designed for Steelhead? G Loomis E6X MBR 783C Mag Bass Casting Rod 6'6" Med Hvy 1pc 12677-01. I have the IMX 843S and the IMX 845C - both are great. G.Loomis had applied for a trademark back on September 26th, 2014 for that anglers will notice about the new E6X rods are the bright green threading much more than just a fancy name. 4.8 out of 5 stars 10. with the name. google_color_link = "006699"; Tools | Storage | fishing a particular style. Shop by rod length such as 7', 6' 6", 7'5" This designed specifically for mainstream anglers. designed specifically for mainstream anglers. //-->, A G.Loomis Rod Under 200 dollars? the company’s own lineup. For example more traditional ... G Loomis IMX Steelhead Drift Casting Rod IMX1086-2C 9'0" Heavy 2pc. Ranch in Laredo, Texas, to not just see the new rods but to fish them and Bottom-bounce action can be targeted with the 7-foot-1-inch E6X 853C WBBR casting rod. It works well with everything else to. preparing to introduce a new series of rods. Built with the serious tournament angler in mind, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Spinning Rods take performance to the next level with hi-tech, technique specific designs that are second-to-none. Several series of Loomis rods including NRX, IMX and GLX bass fishing rods. $254.99 $ 254. I'm thinking of selling the original and upgrading to the IMX. 2021 the IMX will be the better rod for all techniques, but they are considerably more expensive. Autopsy,