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Bleeding Gums Murphy. “Whiskey Business” (S24, E19) While at a jazz club where the greats are playing, Lisa sees a hologram of her idol, Bleeding Gums Murphy. Near the end of the show, Murphy, from the heavens above, plays this song with Lisa, before he hits his final resting place. We do not know if Dr. Michael’s case, as tragic as it is, even indicates potential causation. Dr. Gregory Michael, 56, an OB-GYN at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, died after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke apparently resulting from a lack of platelets. The Daily Mail: Heidi Neckelmann says obstetrician Gregory Michael, 56 – her ‘best friend’ and partner of 28 years – was active, healthy and had no pre-existing conditions before getting the jab on December 18. Ultimately, Dr. Michael was diagnosed with ITP, and here’s what ultimately happened: After two weeks of infusions and experimental treatments that failed to raise Gregory’s platelet count, doctors decided they had no choice. Here’s the first story of a death after vaccination against COVID-19 that sounds plausible on the surface that allows me to revisit this issue because, unlike the cases of people who are, for example, hit by a car within two weeks of vaccination, we can’t just dismiss it a priori: A Florida doctor has died several weeks after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, although it’s not yet clear whether his death Monday was related to the shot he received on Dec. 18. I thought at first it was a bufo toad but nothing that I found on the internet says anything about a dog bleeding to death (from his mouth and annus) from a toad. Finally, there’s surgery. Chronic ITP affects women two to three times more often than men. Even in the case that there is such an association, we know that, for the phase 3 clinical trial to have missed it, the incidence of post-COVID vaccination ITP must be very, very low. When rituximab binds to CD20, it causes B-cell death and is used against blood cancers and autoimmune diseases. TV Show: The Simpsons Franchise: Simpsons. Dr. Michael apparently died before he could be operated on, as risky as surgery would be. Bleeding gums are the most common symptom of gum disease. While the Flanders family losing the matriarch of their house is devastating, her character is not the most memorable. ‘All the blood results came back normal except for the platelets which came back as zero,’ Heidi said. Yeah you heard it right!! The voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy was provided by Ron Taylor , while his … Bleeding Gums died in 1995 at the age of 59 after suffering an apparent heart attack. "Round Springfield" is the episode in which "Bleeding Gums" Murphy dies of kidney failure. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. ‘He felt 100 percent, he was normal, energetic, happy. Lisa writes an … Casting Star Wars Rebels Characters For Ahsoka’s Disney+ Show, The Simpsons Failed To Commit To Dr. Nick’s Movie Death, The Simpsons' Opening Sequence Had A Continuity Error For 20 Years, The Simpsons: Ned Flanders Church Plot Hole Explained, The Mandalorian: Rogue One Easter Egg Teases Saw Gerrera Myth, Is The Alienist: Angel Of Darkness A True Story? Learn more about receding gums in this article. As bad as I feel for her, I just wish that Ms. Neckelmann hadn’t in her grief leapt to the conclusion that it was definitely the COVID-19 vaccine that had caused her husband’s death from ITP and trumpeted his story as a warning to the world, so that his death wouldn’t be “in vain.” Her Facebook post handed the antivaccine movement and COVID-19 cranks a powerful propaganda weapon. The first such story has started circulating in the antivaccine nooks and crannies of social media, but it’s also being flogged by the usual British tabloids. Exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine. Most people who have chronic ITP can stop treatment at some point and maintain a safe platelet count. It was also noted that severe bleeding due to ITP after COVID-19 infection was rare and that diagnosing ITP in the setting of COVID-19 infection is challenging due to the common incidence of clotting disorders and diffuse intravascular coagulation (DIC), which can also cause platelet depletion. However, many dental treatments can help restore the gums around the teeth. If memory serves me, Lisas quest was to get some of his music played on the radio. My mom took my cat to an emergency vet due to bleeding of the mouth/gums that started 2 days ago. In 80 percent of children who have ITP, the platelet count returns to normal within 6 to 12 months. Another aspect of ITP is that it is usually not life-threatening. [The Simpsons] Bleeding Gums Murphy was a drug addict, and this eventually led to his death. Filmography Films Acute ITP often occurs after a viral infection. Dr. Nick returns in "Lost Verizon" and then had a bigger role in "Eeny Teeny Maya Moe," when Moe is looking to get surgery to make himself shorter and taps up Riviera to conduct the operation. His funeral took place on January 28 at the New Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ. Humans are, as I like to say, pattern-seeking creatures. Lisa is the only person who attends Bleeding Gums's funeral, and she vows to make sure that everyone in Springfield knows the name Bleeding Gums Murphy. Two of the most famous examples include Maude Flanders' darkly comedic death at a sports game, indirectly caused by Homer, and the demise of Bleeding Gums Murphy, Lisa's jazz inspiration. Nosebleeds and bleeding gums; Prolonged bleeding from cuts; Skin rash; Dizziness; Headache; Yeah Kaori seemed to have most of these symptoms except Nosebleeds, bleeding gums and skin rash. It mainly occurs in children—both boys and girls—and is the most common type of ITP. Nick!" Ron Taylor. It’s my privilege to get to writing about the origins for The Simpsons version of BGM on behalf of Wookiee. Oh well, bye, bye." It’s impossible not to feel enormous sympathy and empathy Ms. Neckelmann. Thus, platelet infusions are generally not used except in emergencies when bleeding is occurring or platelet counts are as low as Dr. Michael’s were. Elsewhere, I predicted: The point is that there will be all sorts of scary stories about COVID-19 vaccines in the coming weeks and months, and a lot of people will have reactions similar to mine. Stories like this always make me wonder how I’d react to the unexpected and rather rapid death of my wife. If the severity of the injury wasn't enough (this is The Simpsons, after all) Nick delivers a twist on his famous line - "Bye, everybody!" He used to laugh at the most inappropriate times." Dr. Gregory Michael, 56, an OB-GYN at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, died after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke apparently resulting from a lack of platelets. With Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith. Hi, Dr. ‘They tested him for everything you can imagine afterwards, even cancer, and there was absolutely nothing else wrong with him.’. ... We did a lot of work for him including building the seat he is sitting on in … Unsurprisingly, the first line of treatment, however, is corticosteroids, ranging from oral prednisone in less severe cases to intravenous dexamethasone or methylprednisolone in more severe cases in which the platelet count is so low as to risk bleeding. The most common symptoms of ITP include, of course, the petechiae and purpura mentioned before (small lesions on the skin due to bleeding under the skin), plus any or all of the following: There are a number of conditions that have been associated with the development of ITP: Also, medications can increase the risk of ITP: The treatments for ITP depend upon the type and severity. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Murphy recorded only one album, titled Sax on the Beach, which was extremely lucrative for him. If you are a potential patient and found this page through a Google search, please check out Dr. Gorski's biographical information, disclaimers regarding his writings, and notice to patients here. call and response catchphrase. It’s called “idiopathic” because its causes are unknown or not well understood. ). Again, I think I understand why she did it, but really wish she hadn’t. Directed by Wesley Archer. Ron Taylor, Actor: Trading Places. They gave him an incredible amount of platelet infusions, I’m told all the platelets in Miami Dade County,’ Heidi said. What the story means by “had no choice” was the surgical treatment of ITP, namely splenectomy, or removal of the spleen. “Pinchy would’ve wanted it that way,” Homer says through sobs when … Bleeding Gums Murphy tells Lisa about his Fabergé egg addiction. Again, as I said before, “idiopathic” means basically “we don’t know what causes it.” There are also two forms of ITP, acute and chronic, with the acute form occurring mainly in children and the chronic form occurring in adults: Acute ITP generally lasts less than 6 months. Certainly, the clinical trials for neither the Pfizer/BioNTech nor the Moderna COVID-19 vaccines detected any signal for ITP in the form of bleeding, low platelet counts, or the like within two months of vaccination. There is no other explanation,’ she told, fighting back tears. Chronic ITP varies from person to person and can last for many years. David H. Gorski, MD, PhD, FACS is a surgical oncologist at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute specializing in breast cancer surgery, where he also serves as the American College of Surgeons Committee on Cancer Liaison Physician as well as an Associate Professor of Surgery and member of the faculty of the Graduate Program in Cancer Biology at Wayne State University. Another treatment includes rituximab (Rituxan), a monoclonal antibody against the protein CD20, which is found on the surface of B-cells. However, some teenagers and children do get this type of ITP. A one-stop shop for all things video games. The study cited in the USA TODAY story estimated the attributable risk of developing ITP after MMR vaccination to be 1 in 25,000 vaccinations, which strikes me as rather high. Voiced by Hank Azaria, Dr. Nick Riviera debuted in The Simpsons' second season as a hilariously under-qualified medical practitioner looking to treat Bart after being run over. Bleeding Gums Murphy VOICE. In the 22nd episode of season 6, 'Round Springfield, we discover Bleeding Gums' health has taken a turn for the worst and ultimately dies whilst Lisa takes part in a school band recital. It’s a thing with a lot of Simpsons characters. That would imply that, even if there is such an association, it is far safer to get the vaccine than it is to take the risk of catching COVID-19 – and, again, this is just one story. Willie wanted to give Bleeding Gums his saxophone, only to be finally told that it wasn't a saxophone and actually an umbrella, meaning that Willie had actually been playing an umbrella for some thirty years. As I mentioned above, ITP is an autoimmune condition that results in platelet destruction in the spleen. There will also be people who happen to die within a month of getting the vaccine, particularly when the vaccine rolls out to elderly general population, due to the simple law of large numbers and the fact that on any given month far more elderly people die than young people. Bleeding gums are a sign of gingivitis, or inflammation of your gums. Maude’s death came out of nowhere in season 11 in a darkly humorous way and was the result of a pay dispute with her voice actress. Be that as it may, another later study noted that bleeding episodes were uncommon among these patients, that the ITP associated with MMR disappeared within a month in 74% patients and only persisted beyond 6 months in only 10%. A depressed Lisa's spirit is lifted when she meets a jazz-man, Bleeding Gums Murphy. “The state will continue to provide all available information to the CDC as they lead this investigation.”, The USA TODAY story cited above was actually fairly cautious in its telling of the story of Dr. Michael’s tragic death due to idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), also known as immune thrombocytopenic purpura. Treatment may not be needed. The Daily Mail story, as sensationalistic as it is, does provide us with more information that Ms. Neckelmann’s Facebook post: Dad-of-one Gregory suffered no immediate reaction to the injection but three days later he was taking a shower and noticed petechiae – spots of red that indicate bleeding beneath the skin – on his feet and hands. 7 | Which of Sunday’s surprise returns did you appreciate more: The Simpsons‘ Bleeding Gums Murphy or Family Guy‘s Holden Caulfield? The 28-year-old DJ died due to massive blood loss from a self-inflicted wound, according to a report from TMZ, quoting 'sources privy to specific information about Avicii's death'. And when you think of Jazz, you have to think of the Jazzman, none other than the late great Bleeding Gums Murphy. Even people who have severe forms of chronic ITP can live for decades. A few media reports likely aren’t though. This brings us, after this long detour into the weeds of what ITP is, what can trigger it, and how it’s treated, back to the question of COVID-19 vaccination and ITP, the question at the heart of the sad story of Dr. Michael’s sudden development of ITP refractory to treatment that claimed his life within two weeks of diagnosis. How they died: After accidentally being boiled alive by his loving owner, Homer. In the episode, Bart is hospitalized after eating a piece of jagged metal in his Krusty-O's cereal and sues Krusty the Clown.While visiting Bart, Lisa discovers her old mentor, jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy, is also in the hospital. Ron Taylor is the voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy in The Simpsons. Chronic ITP lasts 6 months or longer and mostly affects adults. Unfortunately, Dr. Michael’s tragic death underlines the difficulty distinguishing coincidence from causation when evaluating adverse events after vaccination. The reason that splenectomy works is because platelets with antibodies bound to them are taken up by macrophages in the spleen. (And did you know that the latter even had a name ?) She has lost weight and only drinks water. Once the gums recede, they cannot grow back. When he checked himself into Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, the hospital where he works and had the groundbreaking vaccine, medics discovered he was suffering from an acute lack of platelets. This seemed to confirm that the character had been written out of the series. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. It’s always a pleasure to re-watch episodes of the Best. ‘In my mind his death was 100 percent linked to the vaccine. Dr. Gorski's full information can be found here, along with information for patients. The world of The Simpsons is one that very much plays by its own rules, with main characters who not only wear the same clothes each day, but also haven't aged since the series began in 1989. Acute ITP is often self-limited, and it’s rare for ITP in adults to be so resistant to treatment as Dr. Michael’s case: For most children and adults, ITP isn’t a serious or life-threatening condition. Since then, Dr. Nick has resumed his status as a recurring Simpsons character, last appearing in a late 2019 episode of season 31. "'Round Springfield" is the 22nd episode of the sixth season.All rights belong to Fox. However a spokesman cautioned: ‘We don’t believe at this time that there is any direct connection to the vaccine.’. For a small number of children, ITP doesn’t go away on its own and may require further medical or surgical treatment. ‘At first they thought it must be a mistake. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. I can only try to imagine what she is going through now, particularly given that her husband was within a couple of years of my age. Occasional bleeding of the gums can … When Bart and Homer destroy the giant glass dome covering Springfield, a large shard of the broken shell falls to the ground and impales Dr. Nick right through the road. Every general surgeon knows about ITP, because it is general surgeons who are called upon to do a splenectomy in patients whose ITP is refractory to other treatments. Surgeons were understandably reluctant to operate on a patient whose platelet count was so low as to be almost undetectable, given the extreme risk of bleeding. I've searched the net looking for information on when and how he died, but I have come up empty other that his credits at the Internet Movie Database". Treatment depends on the severity of bleeding and the platelet count. The problem then becomes determining whether his tragic outcome was a coincidence or due to the vaccine. But later, in season 15's "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife," Monroe appears out of the blue at Marge Simpson's book signing. In cases of refractory ITP, thrombopoietin receptor agonists (drugs that stimulate the receptor) can stimulate the bone marrow to make more platelets. I believe this show was about the death of Lisas favorite sax player, "Bleeding Gums Murphy". 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Cause of death: Unspecified illness Lisa would never have known her mentor Bleeding Gums Murphy was in the hospital if she hadn't stumbled on his room while Bart was … Given that there are over 200 million adults in the US, this would lead to an estimate of around 16 adults per day being diagnosed with ITP. That means that, in any given three day period (chosen because Dr. Michael’s wife reported that her husband’s symptoms began three days after he was vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine), one would expect approximately 48 adults to be diagnosed with ITP. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 30, 1995. Splenectomy can result in durable remission of ITP in up to 80% of patients, but, again, it’s generally risky because of the elevated risk of bleeding in the sorts of patients for whom the operation is generally reserved, namely those with refractory severe ITP. And, again, this was observed in children, not adults. What might lead scientists to think that there is an actual association between vaccination with the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID vaccine and ITP? With Dr. Nick, however, the "death" was just a brief gag played for laughs, with no wider ramifications for either the story, or the world of The Simpsons. But it can also point to other health problems. The story also noted that ITP “can also be caused by cancer, anemia, heavy drinking, viruses, some genetic conditions, toxic chemicals and medications such as diuretics and the rarely used antibiotic chloramphenicol”. Other characters have been retired under tragic real-life circumstances, such as Edna Krabappel, who was retired after the passing of voice actress, Marcia Wallace, in 2013. Bleeding Gums explained to Willie that no one informed him of the mistake because "we all thought it was funny". However he died from a hemorrhagic stroke – when blood from an artery bleeds into the brain – before he could undergo the surgery. Watching Dr. Monroe's "accident" in The Simpsons movie again, it certainly seems that the intention at the time was for Dr. Nick to be killed, but his surprise return doesn't negatively impact the show's approach to death. He died of a heart attack aged 49, on January 16, 2002, at his home in Los Angeles, California. Pfizer told Wednesday that it was aware of Dr. Michael’s ‘highly unusual’ death and was investigating further. Bart, meanwhile, sues Krusty the Clown and is given a $100,000 settlement. Marge actually acknowledges the sudden reemergence, to which Monroe replies that he was merely "very sick." Intravenous immunoglobulin can also sometimes be effective at decreasing the rate at which macrophages (an immune cell) destroy antibody-tagged platelets. Unsurprisingly, in her grief she blamed the vaccine for her husband’s death from a rare autoimmune condition that destroys platelets and causes bleeding. In case of emergency, platelet transfusions are used, but this is usually not the first choice because the new platelets are usually chewed up by the autoimmune response just as fast as the patient’s own platelets. Having previously written for various sports and music outlets, Craig's interest soon turned to TV and film, where a steady upbringing of science fiction and comic books finally came into its own. Miami medical examiners are investigating his death, the Florida Department of Health said in a statement. This Sunday's episode, "Sweets And Sour Marge" is dedicated to the memory of Ron Taylor, who was the voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy. Another tombstone of Bleeding Gums Murphy is seen in the opening sequence of THOH XXII. Clearly more study is needed, and one anecdote isn’t enough to draw any conclusions. Two of the most famous examples include Maude Flanders' darkly comedic death at a sports game, indirectly caused by Homer, and the demise of Bleeding Gums Murphy, Lisa's jazz inspiration. Look for antivaxxers to spin these coincidences as “definite proof” that the COVID-19 vaccine kills, just the way they’ve done for vaccines and sudden infant death syndrome (which is not caused by vaccines) and for the HPV vaccine and deaths of teenaged girls. Ron Taylor was born on October 16, 1952 in Galveston, Texas, USA as Ronald James Taylor. Last week, a post by Heidi Neckelmann, the wife of Miami obstetrician Dr. Gregory Michael describing his death from idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) 16 days after being vaccinated with the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine went viral. Be that as it may, Ms. Neckelman’s post led to sensationalistic headlines, like this one from (who else?) He worked out, we had kayaks, he was a deep sea fisherman. Then he bled to death between midnight an five this morning. As mentioned above, sometimes ITP doesn’t even require treatment and can be managed expectantly by checking platelet counts regularly to make sure the patient’s platelet count is not declining or are even increasing back towards normal. Like platelet transfusions, though, intravenous immunoglobulin usually only transiently increases platelet counts and is usually only used in cases where steroids don’t work and bleeding is either occurring or feared to be imminent. Sam Simon to spend time with Maude Flanders and Bleeding Gums Murphy ... A huge part of mine and many people's childhood just died (right after I lost another huge part of it). It’s hard-wired into us to search for causes whenever something horrible happens, and we usually find one, whether it is the true cause or not. Bleeding Gums: "I don't really have a family, all I had was a little brother who grew up to become a doctor. As the COVID-19 vaccines roll out, it’s going to become more and more likely that these people will receive their diagnosis within a couple of weeks of having been vaccinated against COVID-19. For more on how, when studying adverse events after vaccination, scientists differentiate coincidence from actual association that might be causal, here’s a good primer. The episode " Sweets and Sour Marge " was dedicated to him. He would not eat for (2) days but he was drinking water profusly then throw it up. With both Dr. Nick and Dr. Monroe returning from apparent death, it could be that The Simpsons' medical experts are so good at their profession, they have hidden powers of regeneration. (As I like to say, “idiopathic” basically means “we don’t know the cause.”), The story further noted that ITP is rare and that in extremely rare cases, the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine has been linked to thrombocytopenia in children, according to a 2003 study. I used the specific examples of syncope and Bell’s palsy, the former of which is a common reaction to needlesticks of many kinds (including all vaccinations) and the latter of which was almost certainly not related to vaccination against COVID-19, also explaining how the law of large numbers will mean that there will certainly be a lot of health issues manifesting themselves sometime soon after vaccination just by coincidence alone, up to and including death. The Simpsons looked to have killed Dr. Nick in the 2007 movie, but couldn't resist bringing the inept physician back to the TV show. The Simpsons has killed off a few characters over the years, including Dr. Nick, the world's worst physician, but the writers soon brought him back. Since joining the Screen Rant fold, Craig has been involved in breaking news stories and mildly controversial ranking lists, but now works predominantly as a features writer. He was married to Deborah Sharpe-Taylor. Again, you can’t tell that from just one case, however dramatic and tragic. Nevertheless, The Simpsons has made the bold decision to kill off a few characters for good over the years. Taylor's other roles included guest spots in NYPD Blue, Twin Peaks, City of Angels and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine .He died in 2002 aged 49 from a heart attack. National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, Steven P. Novella, MD – Founder and Executive Editor, David H. Gorski, MD, PhD – Managing Editor, Topical Barley Flour for the Management of Newborn Jaundice: A Real Study Done by Actual Pediatricians, specific examples of syncope and Bell’s palsy, applies to claims that vaccines cause autism, first story of a death after vaccination against COVID-19, surgical oncologist at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, American College of Surgeons Committee on Cancer Liaison Physician, bleeding from the gums (for example, during dental work), Viral infections (including chickenpox, parvovirus, hepatitis C, Epstein-Barr, and HIV), Sepsis, a severe bacterial infection in your blood, Certain drugs for heart problems, seizures, and infections, Heparin, a blood thinner used to prevent blood clots. Bleeding Gums Murphy Bleeding Gums Murphy (voiced by Ron Taylor , Daryl L. Coley and Kevin Michael Richardson ) [26] is a jazz musician, idol, and mentor of Lisa Simpson . Craig has previously been published on sites such as Den of Geek, and after many coffee-drenched hours hunched over a laptop, part-time evening work eventually turned into a full-time career covering everything from the zombie apocalypse to the Starship Enterprise via the TARDIS.

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