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Nathan harbors an utter hatred and jealousy towards Jimmy and has schemed several ploys to get him killed, but they always backfire on him. (. This season had female Cartman, a Nathan and Mimsy episode, a female Mackey, a classic Cartman vs Kyle episode, the Canadians, etc.. And I'm just gonna make sure I'm on the right side of it." He and Mimsy are both homages to the Looney Tunes cartoon characters Rockys and Mugsy - a poster for the two appears in his bedroom in "Handicar". Throughout the episode's storylines, with various campers being parodies of other Looney Tunes characters, Nathan (Rocky) attempts to arrange fatal accidents for Jimmy Valmer (a counterpart to Bugs Bunny) which get ruined by Mimsy (Mugsy)'s stupidity. Nathan is a capable drug dealer, being able to handle money and sell steroids to the other students. Nathan then plans for a tragedy in The South Park Gun Show, but Classi objects. SPS Nathan is the main antagonist in the DLC Bring the Crunch, as he attempts to shut down Lake Tardicaca by ordering Mimsy to tie up the camp counselors. Jeremy Lambert of 411Mania gave the episode a 7 out of 10 rating and summarized his review stating "'Moss Piglets' was another good episode in a very strong season. The episode was a great homage to the old Saturday morning cartoons that don't air anymore. Same as the goth kids, I think it's time to retire the disabled duo of Nathan and Mimsy. ‘Moss Piglets’ was an amusing episode of South Park which focused on Jimmy and Timmy competing at the Science fair with Nathan and Mimsy, their long-time rivals. Nathan, along with Mimsy, is featured as bosses in the DLC for, "Yes counselor Steve, I like the fun canoe. Unnamed Parents (, "Do you really think all the changes happening to this town are just coincidence? Expy: When paired with Mimsy, Nathan becomes one of Rocky, the gangster from several Bugs Bunny cartoons, while Mimsy acts as Mugsy, Rocky's partner. Afterwards, Jimmy felt guilty for cheating and confessed to the Olympic committee, resulting in his forfeit of the medals he won.Nathan's second appearance was in \"Crippled Summer\" a… But um... You know how every year I go to summer camp? Photos by Nathan Wellman. Nathan finds it hard to communicate with his parents, so he barely confides in them. He is also seen selling accounts for different streaming services in "Basic Cable". His third major appearance was in "Handicar", where he again plays the main antagonist (along with Mimsy as his sidekick). ", "If you're a sheepherder, and a snake is killing your sheep, all you have to do is prove to the sheep that the snake is a completely inferior entity. (, "Did I do good, computer? (, "This is very difficult, Mom. Warning: Full spoilers from the episode to follow.. He earns a big fortune by working for Leslie though. Nathan's parents know he does not like summer camp, but act like they don't understand him so they can go on trips without him over the summer. Nathan doesn't have much respect for them either. Nathan's inexplicable survival throughout the episode follows a common Looney Tunes theme, where characters survive normally fatal catastrophic events. Aiding Nathan is Mimsy, a big, strong, but dimwitted lackey, who inadvertently causes all of Nat… Episode Two (10/21/17) Summary: Davies' cover is nearly blown when Mimsy insists on spending the evening at the fancy hotel he claims to be staying at – which he has to make a mental note to use time travel to book a room at. Current They're fairly nice to Nathan though. This time Nathan is trying to thwart Timmy's booming "Handicar" business (a play on Uber cars) which is raising a heck-of-a lot-of money for the handicapped kids in South Park to go to summer camp. There's a war coming. Here is Nathan from a much earlier episode - when he sold Jimmy his steroids - Nathan is a gentleman In PC Principal Final Justice, Nathan holds Jimmy hostage and reveals he has been getting the PC people to work with ads. Character Information Details on how to watch the latest episode online. Nathan sold steroid medication illegally to Jimmy Valmer during the events of \"Up the Down Steroid\". (, "If you're a sheepherder and a snake is killing your sheep, you just need to have the snake get sued for sexual misconduct. It had some terrible episodes and the finale was God awful and just kind of confusing, but I'd put the episode Heidi turns into Cartman and the science fair up there as classic episodes. Special Olympics While Nathan normally talks in a fairly adult and intelligent manner, he adopts a more childish voice when addressed by the adult counsellors. In "Handicar", Nathan tried to sabotage Timmy's new Handicar taxi service just to get out of summer camp. Mimsy and Nathan are based off of Rocky and Mugsy from Looney Tunes which was a Warner Brothers cartoon. However, Nathan's lackey, Mimsy, continuously botches-up Nathan's plans, which causes Nathan to suffer a bite from a Black Mamba snake, painfully attacked by Native Americans, comically raped by the shark, and finally blown himself up. Although she was initially hired for him, Nathan slapped his favorite high-class prostitute, Classi, and she turned on him. In Nathan's first two appearances, he is only seen in incidental gear, but his 'main' look is first seen in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment in "Black Friday". He was later seen at summer camp in "Crippled Summer", during the fundraiser in "Handicar", and competing in the science fair in "Moss Piglets". Afterward, Jimmy felt guilty for cheating and confessed to the Olympic committee, resulting in his forfeit of the medals he won. Each individual problem that hits Nathan in the episode "Crippled Summer" would be fatal in real life: A bite from the venomous Black Mamba causes death fairly quickly; arrows at high velocity to the center of mass often cause death by exsanguination; the weight of a full-grown shark on top of a human is fatal; a close-range explosion of C4 leads to instant death. First He also worked on the side as a steroid dealer during the Special Olympics, and made sure Jimmy was one of his customers. The most notable appearance of Nathan is that his head is always looking up at an angle, usually to one side, or he might just have a comically large chin. (, "Let me ask you a question. He is ordered by Leslie to hold Jimmy hostage, in his loft at CtPaTown. To make matters worse, Nathan's team has lost every activity at summer camp for years to the rival Blue Team, lead by Jimmy, which has only fostered Nathan's feelings of bitterness and resentment. Nathan considers his worst enemy to be Jimmy Valmer and he has made numerous attempts on his life, as well as that of Jimmy's respective best friend, Timmy Burch. Episode complete credited cast: Trey Parker. Voiced by Like always, let’s grab the items before moving on with the story. (, "I hate you, Jimmy. You are the biggest idiot I have ever met! No Glasses If you're a sheepherder, and there's a snake taking away your sheep, what do you do to the snake? " Every summer, the camp splits into two teams, who compete for the camp championship in a series of games. Comedy Central. While being rushed to the hospital, Jimmy, who is crowned king of summer camp, and who is unaware of Nathan's loathing, gives Nathan his crown in a sign of goodwill. (, "I'm sick and tired of your stupidity, Mimsy! He was originally slated for a role in the game with Mimsy - their friend icons are in the game's files - but their role is unknown. Everyone's about to learn the truth. The promise of Nathan and Mimsy took a backseat to Jerry Jones and the NFL searching for … The singing, the competitions, Jimmy Valmer getting all the chicks. " "South Park" Up the Down Steroid (TV episode 2004), 6th Grader with Black Hair and Blue Shirt, 6th Grader with Yellow Shirt and Brown Pants, Nathan and Mimsy invite some of the girls to the Science Fair. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Jimmy has either remained oblivious to Nathan's disgust towards him or simply hasn't let it bother him. getting Jimmy and his friends stabbed, murdered, poisoned, raped, or bled to death) hints at poor mental health. Every year, Nathan gets sent to the same boring camp for Handicapable Kids that he hates... but his parents get a pretty cool vacation out of it. Steven Spielberg Presents Animaniacs, usually referred to as simply Animaniacs, is an animated series created by Warner Bros. and Amblin Entertainment. Do you want to see my dick?" I fucking hate you with everything in my entire being. " That Jimmy kid makes my fuckin... skin crawl." PC Principal makes him the editor of the Super School Newspaper. Nathan sold steroid medication illegally to Jimmy Valmer during the events of "Up the Down Steroid". He was originally slated for a role in the game with Nathan - their friend icons are in the game's files - but their role is unknown. The 251st episode overall, it was written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker. (, "Let me give you guys a hot news flash: If you want to hurt a crippled kid, you don't break his FUCKING LEGS!!" "Up the Down Steroid". Mimallah "Mimsy" is a mentally disabled boy, who is also Nathan's henchman in the episode "Crippled Summer" of South Park. Episodes … I'm always up for a Nathan/Mimsy vs. Jimmy/Timmy battle. I'm also up for seeing a female version of Cartman, especially when it … This led to Jimmy physically abusing his girlfriend and mother in a fit of roid rage, but winning all of the events in the Special Persons Olympics. "I can't stand him, Mimsy. I hate it and I don't want to go anymore. " Boss: Nathan and Mimsy. Nathan tries to plant a black mamba in Jimmy’s canoe during a race, but Mimsy instead leaves it in Nathan’s canoe when told to put it “in the canoe”. All Rights Reserved. He has committed and shown examples of various criminal activities throughout the series. "Handicar" is the fourth episode in the eighteenth season of the American animated television series South Park. Male He attempts to sabotage the fundraising efforts of Timmy's new transportation business, which is earning allot money towards the class goal of returning to Lake Tardicaca summer camp. His current status is unknown. When things are their darkest, he'll do whatever it takes to be on the winning team. On most occasions, he wears a dark gray buttonless jacket with red trim and an orange shirt underneath, gray baggy pants, and green sneakers with white stripes. Featured Episodes. Mimsy chest (Franken Suit). Nathan is always the mastermind, but not with Leslie Meyers. Nathan is a secondary antagonist in the DLC Bring the Crunch. Relatives Nonetheless, Nathan's plans almost always backfire one way or another, almost as often from his own error as those of his assistant. Nathan's biggest rivals are Timmy and Jimmy, the most popular handicapable kids in the town of South Park. Just as Nathan is about to order Mimsy to do another plot to kill Jimmy, a teammate says "Gee, I wish our team captain was as awesome as Jimmy", could probably hint that a lot of people don't like him. Nathan is able to play the notes on the bomb-rigged ukulele correctly, inadvertently exploding on him instead of Jimmy. On the other hand, his parents are totally carefree and and they pay no attention to him. Wallet on bean bag chair. The rest of the episode quite simply was a hot mess. Nathan Nathan's second appearance was in "Crippled Summer" at the summer camp Lake Tardicaca, a summer camp for the disabled. Nathan wears costumes for some of the Handicapable events he is forced to attend by his parents. He is ordered by Nathan to tie up the Lake Tardicaca camp counselors so that the camp will be shut down, but mistakenly assumes that Nathan wants them tied up like in the movie Saw, and kills them as a result. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. More strategic allies than friends, Nathan works with Leslie Meyers in order to instill the ads' will on people, eager to be on "the right side" of the coming war. StudentDrug DealerCriminal Mastermind Race He teamed up with Princess Kenny and Stan Marsh in favor of the PlayStation 4 - surprisingly enough, the same system of choice as Jimmy Valmer. It ran from 1993 until 1998 on "Fox Kids" and "Kids WB." Any attempts to sabotage the Xbox One team remain undocumented. Nathan's only friend is his lackey Mimsy, who does whatever Nathan tells him. Though they appear sweet and well-intentioned, Nathan's abusive and selfish parents seek to be rid of him whenever possible so they can have fun without him. He is usually accompanied by his lackey, Mimsy, and frequently serves as a rival/antagonist of Jimmy Valmer. Appearances He has a new girlfriend, known as Classi. Nathan is a recurring character who appears in the animated TV series South Park and is a fairly rare example of a criminal mastermind who is also noticeably disabled.. Nathan nonetheless keeps his companion around - someone has to do the dirty work for him. While all his plots fail in a fairly cartoonish manner, the intention behind them (i.e. Gender In his first appearance in "Up the Down Steroid", he sells steroids to Jimmy to help him compete in the Special Olympics, but has since developed a one-sided rivalry with him. Fun Facts Every summer, Nathan's two-faced and abusive parents force him to join the other handicapped children at Lake Tardicaca Summer Camp, while they can go on luxurious trips around the world, pretending they can't understand what he's saying because he has Down's Syndrome. Fastpass and the other superheroes make their way to the boardwalk to stop Mimsy from killing the last counselor, causing Mimsy to join his boss in battle against th… Episode 2108 - Moss Piglets Cast: Cartman Heidi Butters Stan Kyle Jimmy Timmy Clyde Millie Nelly Nichole Wendy Theresa Isla Nathan Mimsy Frances PC Principal Mr. Mackey Counselor Steve Jerry Jones and the NFL Owners Roger Goodell and the officials Blue Horse Sportscasters [South Park Elementary, day, the Special Education Bungalow A-5. Fastpass (Jimmy) and the other superheroes stop Mimsy from killing the last counselor, but afterwards the alien called Zarganor crashes onto the boardwalk and kid… The relationship between Nathan and his parents is terrible overall, since they baby him and it is possibly the main reason behind Nathan's morbid mind. He also likely has some form of sociopathy, as evidenced by his plots in "Crippled Summer". (, "Now listen, everybody. Do you know what I'm thinking right now?" Crippled Summer (s14e07) Black Friday (s17e07) A Song of Ass and Fire (s17e08; cameo) Titties and Dragons (s17e09; cameo) Handicar (s18e04) Moss Piglets (s2108) Video Games South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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