orvis helios 2 8wt review

The Helios 2 puts tons of performance in the hands of anglers. This is the limited edition Orvis Helios 3D 8wt with a custom hand-burned Bonefish grip by artist Tim Johnson. It is my go to rod. Weight: 2.8oz. Casting Distance and Accuracy. Orvis follows suit with the new Helios 3F. I think for what you are wanting to achieve, the Bonefish line would do the job. Several of the staff had the opportunity to fish with it from the boat and wading. Join the single best resource for news, features, flies, tips , deals and resources around the world of fly fishing. Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rod – 4 piece. The Helios 3D and Helios 3F are currently available for pre-order and will be shipped in September 2017. Between the 3D and the 3F, there is a lot to be excited about with these USA made fly rods. The Helios 2 was impressive and performed when and where it was needed: from long bombs deep for bass, to delicate shorts for feeding carp. *Your purchase helps to support the work of Gear Institute. And for good reason: The technique flat-out catches fish. The lightest rod in the test (and possibly the lightest on the market), Great fit and feel in the hand, suitable for all-day casting with little arm fatigue, Not quite as powerful (i.e casting distance) as some, Limited availability of different line weight models during initial release. There are more euro-nymphing rods on the market today than ever before. I picked the 7wt H3F here on purpose. It is a must cast for the angler looking for a new rod, no matter the application. Dan Nelson is GearInstitute.com's Managing Editor & fly fishing editor. This review provided by: TroutUnderground.com View Orvis Rods and More Products on Amazon!. I have – and regularly fish – a 9′ 6wt and 9′ 8wt H3D. Once again a Helios was the lightest rod in swing weight, but now there are three other rods that match it – the Asquith, Meridian, and Exocett. We lean towards the fastest action rods here on the Missouri River, so we are testing what we would use. All Helios 2 Fly Rods are made by hand in Orvis’ rod shop, in Vermont. T … 7. General fit, finish and feel Best Deal Buy Local. I’ve owned a few Orvis rods. The Access rods borrow design elements from Orvis’ premium series, the Helios 2, while keeping the price reasonable for cost-conscious anglers. James’ Notes: Looking back at the 2016 8-weight shootout, the Orvis Recon tied for 4 th place. These rods come in a Nylon-covered rod tube with the Orvis 25-Year Guarantee. It comes in very close to our mid-price winner, the Hardy Shadow. No, my trout are small. I’ve fished it with dries, streamers and nymph rigs, and it’s easily one of the best pure-casting (and fish fighting) all-around, do anything rods I’ve ever handled. I also have the Helios 5wt 3D and the 8wt 3D and I find that I use the 6wt more than the other 2. And on a day when my fishing partner and I both had nasty headcolds but the sun was shining and snow was melting in clods off the roof, puddling loudly in the stainless steel dog food dish out the back door, we couldn’t stay in. But back to the rod, and my fishing partner, a man who sold his soul to Sage and Winston long ago. In my rod quiver for the trip were two Helios 3 eight weights, the F and the D. It was the perfect opportunity to test each of these rods for their strengths and their weaknesses. Good news / bad news here. Line Recommendation: Scientific Anglers GPX . I think that’s just changed. While the Access certainly looks great, the Access was simply too fast, and probably more of a 6-7 weight than a 5. So when given the opportunity to test and review the new Orvis Helios 2 rod, this is immediately what came to mind. Some better than others, but it’s been a while since I had one I really loved. Casting Distance and Accuracy A six-weight allows a diverse angler to power casts out deep and finesse accuracy up close. We can, without a doubt, say that these saltwater fly rods are the best saltwater rods that Orvis has ever made. It is a beautifully made rod, but that just makes fishing with it more fun. Steve, I have 6wt Helios 3D with the Rio Bonefish. {"cat":"gear","type":"article_children_page","format":"default"}. Unfortunately, it also follows the general rule of lighter weights meaning heavier prices – it’s the most expensive rod we tested. Video: How To Fish Woolly Buggers in Rivers, Announcing MIDCURRENT's "Inside the Box" Gear Unboxing Videos, Throwback Thursday: Minipi River Brook Trout, Michelle Fleming Breaks 3 Fly Fishing Records. Proclaimed as the most accurate rod to date, we had to test the new Orvis Helios 3 in one of the most accuracy dependent fisheries on the planet. . The Helios 2 is the lightest fast action rod we’ve found, but it gives up nothing in performance, coming in first or second in our tests on distance, accuracy and versatility. Laying out long casts, even with heavy flies to get deep in the cloudy and cool water, the Helios 2 was impressive. It’s Made in the U.S.A! The Access generates enough line speed to power big dries, weighted streamers and multi-fly nymphing rigs with little effort, but does sacrifice a touch of accuracy in exchange. One for the hardcore fans. And when the daffodils have started blooming in the plains off the Front Range, there is still a thick covering of snow in my canyon, just below 8,000 ft. in elevation. In this 8-Weight Challenge, the Asquith and the new NRX+ are the only two rods that perform extremely well at all distances. The Helios 2 has midnight blue blanks with accentuating wraps. “Too pretty to fish with,” said one tester. We were all impressed with how Orvis has improved the way this rod performs compared to the Helios 2. Orvis Helios 3D 8wt 9ft. The Orvis H-3 is clearly one of the best fly rods to ever leave the Orvis shop, but it's not all about the long cast. Line Size: 2 Weight, Length: 6 Feet, Weight: 7/8 Ounces, Handle: Small Cork, Sections: 4, Reel Seat: Sliding Rings w/ Cork Insert, Action: Mid Flex 7.5, Tube Length: 21 Inches, Orvis Helios Ion 260-4(6' 2wt) Fly Rod 602-4pc Mid Flex 7.5 The Helios was built for effortless casts and the ultimate in line control. With a quick response time, it still had enough load throughout to power large and heavy streamers, as well as the delicacy required for up-close carp casts, where every motion and … I love this set up. The trout fishing I love won’t open for a few weeks yet, and I don’t go to tailwaters or large rivers that keep moving through the year, with unrelenting currents of people and bugs. The Helios 3 sports either an F or D, which stands for Feel and Distance, respectively. You know, the sort with holes that designers like to call “distressed.” A serious angler will put enough use into this fine fly rod to wear down the tube to a satisfyingly scratched gray, just as physical labor will put holes in the knees of your jeans. Hardy’s Zenith rods, discontinued when the Wraith and Zephrus lines were introduced a few years ago, are among some of the most-loved sticks in recent memory. The Helios 2 fly rod is smooth as butter, precise & accurate, and extremely powerful! One of the drawbacks to the Asquith is the price of $1200, which is $200-$300 more than the other top rods. My only critique of the Helios 2 is of the tube (purely aesthetical), which seems silly, you might think. Mcraft173 nailed it with his assessment of the 6wt Helios 3D. Many devoted Orvis fans couldn’t understand why the company would possibly want to redesign or modify one of its most popular and successful rods, the Helios. The Helios 2 proved incredibly adept at providing just what was needed, regardless of fishing style or condition. SA Bonefish WF8F Orvis’ previous rod series, the Helios 2, also came in two different designations – tip-flex and mid-flex. He is based in the Pacific Northwest. As you would expect, there were some beautiful days and some real howlers. Orvis’ original Helios rod series the standard for lightweight performance when it was introduced 2010 and version 2.0 moves that mark even further forward. However, its pre-scuffed blue logo harkens just a bit too much of “worn” jeans. We found it perfectly suited to pushing line through the stiff winds that scour the basalt canyons of the Yakima River. My new Helios 2- 9′ 4 weight mid flex is, in my opinion, the best fly rod Orvis has produced recent memory. Here's what Orvis has to say about the new Recon rods: The Recon 2 5wt features silver stripping and snake guides, blanks with a matte olive finish and charcoal and spring green accents, a quick rod identifier on the blank, and a Pewter type III anodized aluminum reel seat with a burled wood insert. H3 Fly Rod Review: A Day with the Orvis Helios 3 I stopped by the shop with my lifelong friend to grab a few extra flies and gear that had been working great for me before we hit the water. Fortunately, she changed her mind after the first cast. It comes in just a quarter ounce lighter than the Sage One, but that’s nearly a 10-percent weight savings. We've been doing it since 2003! Little brother to the champion Helios 2, the Access was Orvis’ attempt to blend light weight and performance into a value priced package. He took a round of casts and confidently proclaimed (an apologetic grin on his face), “I have nothing bad to say about this rod.”. Like the Zenith, Wraith, Zephrus and all Hardy rods from the last decade or so, the blanks for the new Zephrus Ultralite family are rolled in Korea. The Good news is the Orvis H2 switch 11’ 5-weight is easily my favorite trout switch rod for nymph fishing (out of the boat or on foot). For those fly fishers who chase big game, we've made five new. I always have, but I admit that when I picked up the new Helios 2, my expectations were limited. Others, like the Orvis Helios and Scott Sector are great in close but not nearly as good at the longer distances. Review of Orvis Helios 3 Fly rod “It’s Worthy” Since October we have had our hands on the new Orvis Helios 3D 9ft 5wt rod. They’ve done so in a big way with the new Orvis Helios 3 fly rod. Helios 3D 8-Weight, 9-Foot Fly Rods are designed for exceptional accuracy but with enhanced power. It comes in just a quarter ounce lighter than the Sage One, but that’s nearly a 10-percent weight savings. Accuracy, at both close and far ranges, was spot on. 82 points. {"pos":"top","cat":"gear","type":"article_children_page","format":"default"}. The consensus was, “Wow, I’ve never cast a rod quite like this.”. It’s Beautiful! The ultimate and incredibly accurate bonefish fly rod, the Helios 3D 908-4, customized by a remarkable artist into a beautiful piece of functional angling art—this custom rod from our Artist Collab line delivers. I have spent the last two weeks fly fishing for bonefish in the Bahamas. And my choice was no question: a six-weight. Orvis has packed a bunch of technological advancements into these rods and they're lighter, more accurate, and more dynamic than ever before. In other words, yes, Helios 2 is all it’s cracked up to be. It’s the ultimate all-around rod, I believe one could argue—that perfect balance of dynamism, efficacy, and command. The stiff backbone made it a master of throwing big dry flies and weighted streamers, but the taper design also provides enough tip action to keep light dries and tiny nymphs moving softly and delicately. In terms of performance, the Recon was actually better at mid to long range. With a quick response time, it still had enough load throughout to power large and heavy streamers, as well as the delicacy required for up-close carp casts, where every motion and minute matter. I see them as I walk to work through Boulder’s University Hill, peeps of yellow and small purple crocus, bulbs of memory, year after year. Because I’m devilishly handsome, Orvis shipped me a 4-pc, 8.5′ 5wt “mid-flex” prototype of their yet-to-be-released ”Helios” fly rod — a rod said to be even lighter than their Zero Gravity series. Call it cabin fever or shack nasties, or poor judgment from sinus pressure. Living in two worlds makes you anxious, like multiple personalities will put you on meds (or wine, I suppose, lots of wine). The Helios 2 puts tons of performance in the hands of anglers. l. Orivs Helios 2 Switch 11’ 5-weight $885.00 – Now Discontinued! The new Helios 2 Switch Rods will handle everything from steelhead and musky to striped bass and king salmon. The rich blue rod features a reverse half-wells cork grip that snugs into the hand comfortably regardless of hand size (at least for our team, which ranged from women’s small glove size to men’s XL). The bad news is that it … An achievement, either way, and one of which I don’t appreciate being deprived. Laying out long casts, even with heavy flies to get deep in the cloudy and cool water, the Helios 2 was impressive. Which Helios 3 fly rod is right for the saltwater angler? . In the year since its unveiling, the Helios 2 fly rod has made a pretty big splash in fly fishing, garnering rave reviews from around the world. Home » Gear Reviews » Fishing » Fly Rods » Trout Fly Rods » Orvis Helios 2. Put the work in. The newest graphite rod from The Orvis Company, who says it’s lighter and stronger than the first release, and in this case what’s purported in the glossy pages is true. Orvis Helios 3F 9’ 8-weight Fly Rod and Orvis Helios 3D 9’ 8-weight Fly Rod 2. Orvis Helios 2 | 5 weight Fly Rod Review, it should be noted that we were using the Orvis Helios 2 Tip-Flex model. Orvis RECON 8’6” #4 $429.00 George’s Comments: The Recon has been one of our favorite rods, and this 4-weight version is terrific. We get great pleasure in hearing from satisfied anglers who tell us their latest and greatest fish stories and how the Helios 2 helped make it happen. The buzz around IFTD this year was heavy on the rod-talk. Copyright © 2003 – 2021 MidCurrent LLC, All Rights Reserved. It has been selling strong and performing well ever since. Like the original Recon rods, the Recon 2 5wt is made in the U… That gives the Helios family of rods back to back wins, as this rod’s lighter weight cousin, the 5-wt Helios 3F — dominated the trout rod category. Fishing everything from smaller Blue Winged olives to throwing double/triple down nymph rigs. We found it perfectly suited to pushing line through the stiff winds that scour the basalt canyons of the Yakima River. 1. Versatility The Helios 2 is the second generation (which means better genes, or at least how my mind works as a former farm girl) of the acclaimed original. Hatch 7 Plus Fly Reel 3. Orvis did a great job with the Recon, giving us a great performing rod at little more than half the price of their premium Helios 3 rods. We headed to lower ground, for old gravel pits and a farm pond, where we found some early season carp and bass. The claim to transmit “energy directly from your brain to the fly and casts with the precision of a laser pointer” is not a far cry from the truth, marketing jargon as it may be. They are the most accurate fly rods ever built, but offer remarkable strength and the ability to place a fly where you want it at distance. The reel seat boasts a California buckeye burl insert – the swirl of colors and patterns looks a little like an exquisite piece of Italian Marble – supported by a black nickel skeleton. The Orvis Helios 3D 8-Weight 9′ Fly Rod (aka 908-4) configuration earned top honors this season, claiming the Best in Class status in specialty rods. Orvis Recon 9’#8 4pc $450. #4. In a 9’ 6″ six-weight, it’s a perfect all-around rod I would confidently take with me for bass ponds or on carp flats, any day. Come spring, I start itching for warmwater – for carp and bass and the odd crappie or two. And still under snow; just like my cabin. Orvis Helios 3F 9 foot #8 $898.00. Just about every major fly rod manufacturer was brandishing their newest, tech-packed stick. At the head of the pack was the Orvis Helios 3. This rod also comes in a Mid-Flex version, and we can assume that the results would be far different. Helios 2 was designed by anglers and built by anglers for fishing addicts. Series Overview: The Orvis Helios 3F Series (along with the Helios 3D Series) replaces the much-loved Orvis Helios 2 Rod Series as Orvis' flagship fly rod. It laid out line smoothly and accurately, besting all but the Sage in both distance and accuracy for all our intermediate to expert casters.

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